Property Acquisition and Negotiation Services

D.A. Aberdeen & Associates Ltd. has been retained by the Provincial government and various Municipal governments on numerous occasions to provide project management and negotiation services to settle claims for compensation for losses relating to land, buildings, timber, gravel, minerals, flooding and contaminated ground water. These services include developing cost estimates, refining design options to mitigate damages, developing and monitoring schedules and milestone dates and activities, forecasting expenditures, developing approval and quality control systems, reviewing and approving acquisitions, overseeing registration, surveys, demolitions and construction issues as well as preparing terms of reference for and coordinating reports to be prepared by other experts, preparing appraisal reports, reviewing reports and making recommendations regarding settlement proposals and strategies. Our staff has well developed skills in the areas of research, analysis and drawing logical conclusions based on fact. These analysis and conclusions provide a solid base from which we are able to present well-founded positions to representatives of all parties to a dispute. Since 1994 we have been retained on more than 1500 separate negotiation or acquisition files.

The firm has undertaken property acquisition projects of various sizes from single files to bulk assignments of up to approximately 1000 files, requiring travel over a wide geographic area. Our current and recent assignments have involved compensation claims ranging in value from less than $5,000 to over $10,000,000 and project budgets exceeding $500,000,000. During the course of these assignments we have successfully negotiated settlements under the threat of litigation with private individuals, corporations, lawyers, property appraisers and other representatives. Many of our assignments have involved complex valuation issues and sensitive public and political issues, including First Nations issues, and we are familiar with the risks and challenges these situations can present. In most instances we have also been required to work under strict time requirements due to impending hearing or trial dates or construction schedules.